Finally Launched

Although I’ve been writing for years and years, it was just recently that I published my first book. It felt like I needed to do something with that first book before I could move on to the next one!

I finished writing “Letting Go” about four years ago but sat on the book, not quite sure what step to take next.

With multiple new book ideas running through my head I felt torn between finishing and launching the first book before devoting my time to the next one.

I like to finish what I started and it was a personal goal to publish the stories that run through my head.  Hopefully others along the way will pick up and enjoy these stories as much as I enjoy writing them!

Unfolding Story

Now that I’ve launched “Letting Go” I feel like I can switch gears a bit to pick up where I left off on the second novel I’m writing.

Of course updates will be coming, but this will be a second chance romance that explores many emotional topics, set in a small town full of characters you wish you could meet.

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