Let’s Rock!

When I think about some of my favorite authors that I’ve discovered over the years, I realize that most of them had at least 4 or 5 books already published when I came across one of their stories. Usually, once I find and devour one of their books, I move on to the rest on the list until I’ve read them all.

This makes me realize that although I have only three books out and one coming soon, it takes time to build up an audience. It takes endurance to stick it out until my own books can be discovered, and then hopefully, the readers who enjoy one book will read the rest.

So as a new indie author with a small following, I’ll keep writing. I’ll keep self-publishing. And I won’t worry too much about the sales numbers, because one day when I have a good stack of books published, I’ll spend my advertising dollars to draw attention to my books. And hopefully, if someone reads one, they’ll read them all, and I can become someone else’s favorite author.


Heading Level 4

Writing for industry magazines was my first professional writing gig and something I still do on a regular basis.  Writing contemporary love stories is my passion, but getting paid to write for the industry I work full-time in is also a great way to pursue and further my writing career.

For over 15 years now I’ve been able to research and organize information for educational articles within the sign industry.  Writing non-fiction involves a lot of information gathering and organizing which has helped me as a non-fiction writer too.

“Whether I’m writing non-fiction for the industry I work in, or fictional stories for my novels I enjoy the process and know that writing is my passion.”

Anne Coleman

Sign Industry Articles


“Give me 26 letters and I’ll take you on a journey…”  cj



As an indie author with 2 teenage boys and a full time job, writing often takes a back seat to life.  But no matter what I’m doing I’m always thinking about my characters – wondering what they’re going to do next! 


Moon & Back has been a work in progress for awhile and Sara & Jesse’s journey is going to be an emotional, heartfelt one… I can’t wait for you to meet them!


Expect a love story when you read my books.  They’ll be heavy on character development and storyline with no sex or cursing.  I want the story to carry you through and keep you so engrossed that you can’t help but to keep flipping the pages!


I recently read an article that talked about how important it is for authors to clarify their brand.  As a graphic designer, I deal with branding every day and know how important it is, but didn’t always consider how this applies to authors too.

Branding basically is how a business, or author, creates a name or symbol that sets them apart from other products.  It’s the colors, logo, style, and overall feel of the business.  In this case, the ‘business’ is the books an author writes.

This thought has stuck with me as I think it’s important to clarify the types of books I write.  I’ve researched the romance heading, which is very broad, vs a love story and I’ve posted about that before. 

My books fall under the love story heading because often something besides love is at stake and the plot doesn’t revolve around the romance, but the characters (and their flaws).

I like to write about a couple’s journey, which means my books will always be heavy on the storyline as the characters move through whatever trials are set in their path.  The journey is usually not easy, and there isn’t a guarantee that everything will be hunky-dory along the way, but my hope is that you’ll cheer for and cry with the characters as they grow and hope for their own happily-ever-after.



Make A Statement

The idea for my current novel came to me on a drive along a busy, two-lane highway not far from my hometown. I imagined a young girl raised along this busy road in a traveler’s rest stop and how the travels and adventures of those who stop there would impact her dreams and future.

The book opens in 1987 as our young girl, Sara, meets a boy traveling with his mom. Over the course of the summer, Sara and Jesse change each other’s lives before Jesse ultimately travels on too.

Sara is the sunshine that Jesse needed in his life, brightening the darkness that surrounded him. Life continues, but the two never forget one another and the friendship they shared.

When that darkness finds Sara, will Jesse be able to able to save his first love?

Novel Coming Soon


The new cover for ‘Letting Go’ reflects the overall look that I designed for ‘Something Beautiful’


When I wrote and released my first novel ‘Letting Go’ I hadn’t planned on it being part of a series, but the characters had another plan. The second book in the series ‘Something Beautiful’ is now available. A third book is in the early planning stages.

I felt like the original cover for ‘Letting Go’ didn’t quite fit with the second book and I wanted them to have a similar overall feel. Our handsome ‘Ryder’ from the original cover still graces Cyan’s camera on the back cover of the paperback edition. 



Romance vs Love Story

I get asked what kind of books I write…Amazon has a broad Romance Fiction category, but a lot of authors really write in a subcategory that isn’t defined. It’s important to clarify my writing style so I attract readers that will most enjoy my books.

So really, what I write are Love Stories. I enjoy writing about couples and their emotional relationship, but the story surrounding them is the focus of my writing, more than the relationship itself.

I leave out strong cursing and sex scenes because it doesn’t fit with my style, and while the ‘clean’ or ‘sweet’ labels fit, I hesitate to use them because their meaning varies greatly.


“We took each day, each precious gift, with each new sunrise.  Another sunrise, another day, another opportunity to love each other with the depths of our souls because each moment was precious, each moment not guaranteed.”


Another Sunrise is now available!

This book tells the story of Jenna Michaels and Ethan Reynolds – two childhood friends who loved one another from a young age.  Torn apart by domestic violence they eventually reunite amidst new hardships.

Will they be able to open up their hearts to one another again, or will the cruelties of life tear them apart once again ~ this time for good?




Another Sunrise – New novel coming soon!

“Childhood friends torn apart by domestic violence reunite amidst a personal battle.”

I started scratching out the notes for this story idea back in April of 2014. Over the next year, I wrote about a third of the book before it sat idle for another four years. Life gets busy, and priorities shift.

After finishing “Letting Go” I was mentally able to switch gears and finish this book as well. I’m so excited to be releasing it very soon and to be bringing Ethan and Jenna’s story to life!