Letting Go

Cyan Keller lost her whole world on a sandy path beside a quiet lake when her fiance was murdered in front of her. Two years later her world shakes again beside the crashing waves on a rocky ocean shore. The past and future collide and the only way Cyan can survive the collision is to figure out how to forgive and let go.

Ryder Cowan has been hiding behind half-truths and painful loss. Seeking out the forgiveness of Cyan Keller was the first step in facing a past that would also dictate his future. When her beautiful spirit breaks down his walls and her gentle heart sees a worth in himself that he had given up on, he can’t help but fall in love.

Connected by one tragic night can they let go of their past so they can embrace their future?


Ryder & Cyan’s

Standalone Love Story

Book 1 in the Pacific Grove Series ~ all books are standalone novels with NO cliffhanger!


Another Sunrise


The first time my sister and I hid out in the Reynolds’ barn next door I was only eight years old. For three years we would cross the freshly plowed dirt of the cornfields or push through cornstalks that blocked the moon before we were caught.

It’s safe to say that my life has been difficult – one by one I’ve lost them all. The only person I have left to lose is myself, and my body is trying to finish the job. Now I’m all alone and heading back to the one place that ever felt like home.

Surrounded by peach orchards and cornfields I fell in love with my best friend and protector – only to lose him the night my world turn on end. I’ve lived without a piece of my heart for fourteen years; will my first love still hold it or have I lost him forever?


I lost Jenna the night I declared my love for her. I lost my wife after an achingly short marriage. How many times can a man have his heart broken, before it’s damaged beyond repair?

I exchanged notes with my childhood best friend through an old pickle jar in the base of an oak tree. When she lived next door my thoughts were exchanged for hers, and over time our hearts were exchanged as well.

Fourteen years later the jar has been emptied – all my thoughts removed. The new note at the bottom of the jar? It’s signed, “I’ve never stopped loving you, Jen” That damaged heart? I think it’s going to be okay.


  Jenna & Ethan’s

Standalone Love Story

Something Beautiful

Publicly kicked out of the famous band he started,
Grayson Tyler thinks he’s hit rock bottom.
After rehab, he seeks a change of scenery, not realizing that he’s running toward the woman of his dreams.

Devastated by an accident that has left her scarred, both physically and emotionally, Olivia Katella retreats to her sanctuary along the Monterey Bay. When a gorgeous rockstar rents the ocean-side rental she manages, she goes out of her way to avoid him.

Through rock ballads, Thai take-out, and a backyard hammock they draw close to one another – until their two very different worlds collide in a way they never imagined.


Grayson & Olivia’s

Standalone Love Story

Book 2 in the Pacific Grove Series ~ all books are standalone novels with NO cliffhanger!




Another Sunrise

Growing up on the side of a busy interstate, surrounded by Joshua trees and an extended family, my entertainment was the travelers passing through. I heard stories of faraway places — turquoise seas, snow-capped mountains, and buildings so tall they scraped the clouds above.

I inhaled the information I gathered and exhaled it on anyone that would listen. Kids my age labeled me as odd, but I didn’t know how to be any other way.

When Jesse Cruise and his mom passed through Covers Bend, they turned my entire path in life on end. A busted transmission changed the lives of a lonely girl with a mind full of random facts and a sad, angry boy carrying a world of grief on his shoulders.

I was the sun, and Jesse was the moon. Our hearts balanced each other, and together we formed a whole. Over one summer, our teenage hearts latched onto one another. Over the years to come, we shared our lives through letters.

But what happens to a friendship tainted by a lie? And what happens when the person who acted as the sunshine in the friendship is now living in the shadows?

   Jesse & Sara’s Love Story


Sketch the Space Around You

A book of Art Prompts

This prompt book is intended to allow your imagination to take over by removing the “What should I draw?” question from the equation.

It also goes beyond prompting a single object, to prompting an entire scene, room, or general space. Although you may choose to focus on one object within that space. It’s entirely up to you!

There is no one perfect drawing or only one way to sketch a scene or room. Have fun with your mental observations and express them in any way you want. Use graphite pencils, colored pencils, cut out photo collages or use other mediums to express yourself.

Each page lists a primary prompt at the top. Beneath this are a few extra words or phrases to help spark how you might view the space. For example, in the prompt ‘Movie Theater,’ you can use the extra prompts to think about your viewpoint as an audience member, someone up in a booth running an old-fashioned movie reel or perhaps as an usher coming in to handle a situation. You may think of something completely different, but these are intended as extra prompts to spark your imagination.

Inspiration for art comes in many forms. Often it’s through our experiences with the spaces around us that an object, a person, a location, or situation will inspire us to create a work of art. You can use this book as a sketch journal by drawing on your experiences and journaling spaces that particularly affect you. Turn the book horizontally or vertically ~ whichever direction works best for the scene you’re envisioning.