Make A Statement

The idea for my current novel came to me on a drive along a busy, two-lane highway not far from my hometown. I imagined a young girl raised along this busy road in a traveler’s rest stop and how the travels and adventures of those who stop there would impact her dreams and future.

The book opens in 1987 as our young girl, Sara, meets a boy traveling with his mom. Over the course of the summer, Sara and Jesse change each other’s lives before Jesse ultimately travels on too.

Sara is the sunshine that Jesse needed in his life, brightening the darkness that surrounded him. Life continues, but the two never forget one another and the friendship they shared.

When that darkness finds Sara, will Jesse be able to able to save his first love?

Novel Coming Soon


The new cover for ‘Letting Go’ reflects the overall look that I designed for ‘Something Beautiful’


When I wrote and released my first novel ‘Letting Go’ I hadn’t planned on it being part of a series, but the characters had another plan. The second book in the series ‘Something Beautiful’ is now available. A third book is in the early planning stages.

I felt like the original cover for ‘Letting Go’ didn’t quite fit with the second book and I wanted them to have a similar overall feel. Our handsome ‘Ryder’ from the original cover still graces Cyan’s camera on the back cover of the paperback edition. 



Romance vs Love Story

I get asked what kind of books I write…Amazon has a broad Romance Fiction category, but a lot of authors really write in a subcategory that isn’t defined. It’s important to clarify my writing style so I attract readers that will most enjoy my books.

So really, what I write are Love Stories. I enjoy writing about couples and their emotional relationship, but the story surrounding them is the focus of my writing, more than the relationship itself.

I leave out strong cursing and sex scenes because it doesn’t fit with my style, and while the ‘clean’ or ‘sweet’ labels fit, I hesitate to use them because their meaning varies greatly.


“We took each day, each precious gift, with each new sunrise.  Another sunrise, another day, another opportunity to love each other with the depths of our souls because each moment was precious, each moment not guaranteed.”


Another Sunrise is now available!

This book tells the story of Jenna Michaels and Ethan Reynolds – two childhood friends who loved one another from a young age.  Torn apart by domestic violence they eventually reunite amidst new hardships.

Will they be able to open up their hearts to one another again, or will the cruelties of life tear them apart once again ~ this time for good?




Another Sunrise – New novel coming soon!

“Childhood friends torn apart by domestic violence reunite amidst a personal battle.”

I started scratching out the notes for this story idea back in April of 2014. Over the next year, I wrote about a third of the book before it sat idle for another four years. Life gets busy, and priorities shift.

After finishing “Letting Go” I was mentally able to switch gears and finish this book as well. I’m so excited to be releasing it very soon and to be bringing Ethan and Jenna’s story to life!


Art Prompt Book

I’ve been working in the graphic design industry for over 25 years and have always been facinated by perspective drawing and sketching out spaces.  My original college major was architecture, until I realized the level of math involved… over time this interest moved into art and, graphic design specifically.

I hope this art prompt book sparks enough ideas that the artist is moved to express their own point-of-view of the space.  I’ve included some basic information on one, two and three-point perspective with various line art to encourage and prompt some ideas for sketching in perspective.

Unfolding Story

Now that I’ve launched “Letting Go” I feel like I can switch gears a bit to pick up where I left off on the second novel I’m writing.

Of course updates will be coming, but this will be a second chance romance that explores many emotional topics, set in a small town full of characters you wish you could meet.

Don’t miss Ethan & Jenna’s story…


Novel Writing


I have been writing professionally since 2007 within the industry I work in.  These have been monthly articles for a few international magazines.  The experience I’ve garnered while working with editors, developing and organizing content, and helping other professionals within the industry has been invaluable.

Writing articles is a wonderful way to share knowledge, experiences and ideas.  Novel writing is a fun way to take it a step further by taking your imagination and building it upon the knowledge and experiences you’ve had.

While my stories are works of fiction, many of the character personalities, diverse settings and even some of the dialogue is based on everyday life experiences.