Art Prompt Book

I’ve been working in the graphic design industry for over 25 years and have always been facinated by perspective drawing and sketching out spaces.  My original college major was architecture, until I realized the level of math involved… over time this interest moved into art and, graphic design specifically.

I hope this art prompt book sparks enough ideas that the artist is moved to express their own point-of-view of the space.  I’ve included some basic information on one, two and three-point perspective with various line art to encourage and prompt some ideas for sketching in perspective.

Unfolding Story

Now that I’ve launched “Letting Go” I feel like I can switch gears a bit to pick up where I left off on the second novel I’m writing.

Of course updates will be coming, but this will be a second chance romance that explores many emotional topics, set in a small town full of characters you wish you could meet.

Don’t miss Ethan & Jenna’s story…


Novel Writing


I have been writing professionally since 2007 within the industry I work in.  These have been monthly articles for a few international magazines.  The experience I’ve garnered while working with editors, developing and organizing content, and helping other professionals within the industry has been invaluable.

Writing articles is a wonderful way to share knowledge, experiences and ideas.  Novel writing is a fun way to take it a step further by taking your imagination and building it upon the knowledge and experiences you’ve had.

While my stories are works of fiction, many of the character personalities, diverse settings and even some of the dialogue is based on everyday life experiences.


Finally Launched

Although I’ve been writing for years and years, it was just recently that I published my first book. It felt like I needed to do something with that first book before I could move on to the next one!

I finished writing “Letting Go” about four years ago but sat on the book, not quite sure what step to take next.

With multiple new book ideas running through my head I felt torn between finishing and launching the first book before devoting my time to the next one.

I like to finish what I started and it was a personal goal to publish the stories that run through my head.  Hopefully others along the way will pick up and enjoy these stories as much as I enjoy writing them!